About us
Image Career Limited (ICL) was incorporated as a Pvt Ltd on 17 Dec 2008 with the registrar of companies, , under Companies Act 1956 having its Corporate office41-C Kiumar Kuteer , Gandhi Nagar ,opp- Pancham MRI, Dignostic Centre Bareilly . Company being incorporated as a Ltd company in 2010.

ICL is an organization lead by a team of experienced professionals in Real State & Land Development, Construction, while providing favorable and comfortable environment for upcoming entrepreneurs, we are mainly focused on Real state Development and Construction. We are proud to boast that the Company has grown from the grass root levels. ICL is unique in being able to offer clients much more than a traditional client relationship. We offer a host of integrated remote support services with the help of top end technology.

ICL also have the Health benefits to every single individual is the larger picture

                       At ICL we owe our success to the concern we have for the health of the society. Indeed health is the most neglected aspect of our lives today and ICL stands firm and resolute to address this through health-related products. ICL believes in reaching out to the grass root, therefore every product introduced are consciously made available at a reachable price, hence enabling people of all sections to reap benefits.

                       Any solution can be found in nature – This strong assertion is of course backed by comprehensive research and we, at ICL respect and adopt this as our core philosophy. And thus we lay emphasis on health based products and prescribe this as the best solution available. Nature-based herbal products offer a permanent solution by often getting to the root cause of the problem, and hence are preferred world wide.

                       It’s indeed the power of two, a like-minded alliance with a sole intention to improve the quality of life by offering the much required health solutions.

‘A healthy society can be built only by healthy people’ – ICL believes in this dictum and realizes the importance of leading a healthy and prosperous life.

ICL shall strive for building trust, relationship, respect and integrity with business associates, customers, distributors and employees by improving the quality of life through its world-class products and services.

The primary intention behind this initiative is to take the lifestyle altogether to a new level. ICL have set up health stores, business centers and retail outlets at different places to make avail these miraculous products to the people of India. Our health camps at rural areas have supported the health cause of many and people have accepted ICL’s contribution to the society with open arms.

ICL Ltd has created an innovative enterprising concept where an individual would be successful in his life and also contribute to the success of the country with this unique concept….. Creating Opportunities & Spreading prosperity.

With this strong mission at heart, we march forward each day.

After all, ICL is for you forever!.

        The total population of India is more than 1 Billion. Out of this, 74% (740 Million) people are living in rural areas where per capita income is less than INR 1000 per month. More than 90% rural people are engaged in farming, so it is worth to call India Land of Farming. Farming is worth to be called as the heart and soul of our country.
        But from some decades farming has been ignored and it went few steps back. Reason being Industrialization which leads to lack of farming land. Industrialization is important for country but we should not forget farming is backbone of our country.
        We as a growing group took initiative to give Farming, Agriculture Contract Farming and Horticulture its space and honour back by implementing new methods and technology. To tap the untapped resources, natural and human, by way of awareness and research keeping in mind the sustainable development in the field of various Agriculture, Horticultural produces/crops of the orchard and aromatic herbs and to create employment generating schemes through organized agricultural and allied agricultural practices. This step will help to increase production as well as help rural people to get better employment opportunity and improve their financial condition and condition of our rural areas.

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